Periodontology is one of the areas of dentistry, which is identifying pathologies and treatment of periodontal tissue (tissue connecting the gums from the teeth). Periodontology studies diseases that are directly related to the pathological microflora in the oral cavity. The most common problem is bleeding gums. Many of us have encountered this problem while brushing teeth or biting hard apple. Like other areas of dentistry, periodontology also provides aesthetic improvements. The recession of the gums (increased tooth), because of what appear bare necks of the teeth; Hypertrophy of the gums, is the process by which the gums become swollen, covering most of the surface of the tooth.

Cost of services

Tooth hygiene and periodontology

  • Full mouth dental hygiene

    65-75 €
  • Surfacing with Fluoride Lacquer or Gel (one tooth)

    7 €
  • Coating with sealants (one teeth) dental filling

    10 €
  • Medicamentous gum pocket treatment

    15 €
  • Repeated oral hygiene at the specified time

    55 €


How does it come from?
Due to poor hygiene, periodontal bacteria spread in the gap (the space between the surface of the tooth and gingival soft tissues), multiply and produce toxins during metabolism, which in turn adversely affect the health of the gums. Development and growth of the bacteria depends on the general state of health, taking medication, genetic abnormalities, pregnancy and adolescence, alcohol consumption, unbalanced diets and a major cause is smoking.
What are the consequences?
As already mentioned, bleeding gums are the first symptom of gingivitis. Progressing, the process can go into the deeper periodontal tissues and even spread to the jawbone. If the process is not stopped at this stage, it will progress further, and the bone support of the tooth gradually loses its physiological height, the tooth becomes mobile and may even fall out. In this clinical situation it is difficult to draw up a plan of treatment that is based on dental implants. However, each disease has its own specific development process, so in each case treatment requires individual approach to each specific patient.
How to prevent?
The principles of prevention include regular and correct tooth brushing, flossing and regular visits to the hygienist (at least 2 times a year). During pregnancy or during adolescence there is a chance of bleeding of the gums, which is a typical indicator of hormonal activity of the patient.

Principles of work

  • The core principle of LLC Valis is the contact with the patient and mutual trust. It is common known that only harmonious patient-doctor collaboration provides the best results. Therefore, we first create an individual treatment plan for each patient and in the cabinet, first of all, we try to see the person, his or her desires and requirements.
  • Our clinics are located in the centre of Riga and in Ziepniekkalns. Taking care for your convenience, our treatment rooms are modern and elegant. It's easy to get both by a car and public transport. Our patients can park their car next to the clinic free of charge.
  • Starting with the establishment of the first clinic in 1993, we only hire the best specialists who are trying to do their utmost to achieve the best result. We are convinced that the symbol of health and success is a brilliant and healthy smile.