The implant is a small titanium alloy product of helical shape, which is integrated into the bone tissue, mimicking the tooth root. Our dental crown install the implant, thus resemble real teeth will be maximized. The implants used in various clinical situations, to recover one or more missing teeth, including implants can be used as a basis for full dentures. Implantology since 1983 is one of the main solutions to the problem of missing teeth.

Cost of services


  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown on the implant

    550 €
  • Ceramic crown on the implant

    500-550 €
  • Zirconium crown on the implant

    550-600 €
  • Screwing in of one tooth implant (with implant price)

    550-700 €
  • Integrated implant removal

    100 €


What the implant is made of?
The implant is made of titanium alloy, used in medicine that does not cause allergic reactions.
Indications for implantation:

To replace missing teeth, for metal-ceramic crowns, bridges or dentures.

What are the risks of implantation?
The main criteria that determine the quality of the planned implantation is sufficient thickness of the bone tissue and oral hygiene. Despite the fact that the titanium surface cannot be injured by caries, regular monitoring is required in order to achieve good results.

How long does the implant remain unchanged?
It depends on the general state of the oral cavity and the frequency of visits to the dentist (at least 2 times a year). For more information you can contact our specialists.

How long is the operation to implant?
The time required for full osteo-integration of the implant depends on the general state of the oral cavity. After careful examination and analysis, which depends on the clinical situation, our experts will form a treatment plan. Depending on the overall medical condition of the patient, the integration of the implant into the bone may take from 2 to 6 months. After this treatment depends on the type of prosthesis, but approximately it could take from 2 to 6 weeks.

Principles of work

  • The core principle of LLC Valis is the contact with the patient and mutual trust. It is common known that only harmonious patient-doctor collaboration provides the best results. Therefore, we first create an individual treatment plan for each patient and in the cabinet, first of all, we try to see the person, his or her desires and requirements.
  • Our clinics are located in the centre of Riga and in Ziepniekkalns. Taking care for your convenience, our treatment rooms are modern and elegant. It's easy to get both by a car and public transport. Our patients can park their car next to the clinic free of charge.
  • Starting with the establishment of the first clinic in 1993, we only hire the best specialists who are trying to do their utmost to achieve the best result. We are convinced that the symbol of health and success is a brilliant and healthy smile.