Sometimes all of us, for various reasons, may face a choice of what to do: remove a bad tooth, or thanks to a special treatment and root canal filling, not only to preserve it, but also to restore its physiological function and aesthetics. Endodontics is one of the trends in dentistry, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Our clinics are equipped with digital radiology equipment, modern tools and high quality materials.

Cost of services


  • Sakņu inlejas, pulpāras tapas izņemšana

    15-50 €
  • Starpseans - medikamentu apstrāde, kanāla skalošana, pagaidu noslēgšana ar Dentin (kā vienīga veikta manipulācija)

    60 €
  • 1 - kanālu zobu ārstēšana (pirmais seanss)

    65-125 €
  • 1 - kanālu zobu ārstēšana (otrais seanss)

    65-125 €
  • 1 - kanālu zobu pārārstēšana (pirmais seanss)

    75-135 €
  • 1 - kanālu zobu pārārstēšana (otrais seanss)

    65-125 €
  • 2 - kanālu zobu ārstēšana (pirmais seanss)

    75-150 €
  • 2 - kanālu zobu ārstēšana (otrais seanss)

    75-150 €
  • 2 - kanālu zobu pārārstēšana (primais seanss)

    115-210 €
  • 2 - kanālu zobu pārārstēšana (otrais seanss)

    75-150 €
  • 3 - kanālu zobu ārstēšana (pirmais seanss)

    85-150 €
  • 3 - kanālu zobu ārstēšana (otrais seanss)

    85-150 €
  • 3 - kanālu zobu pārārstēšana (pirmais seanss)

    150-250 €
  • 3 - kanālu zobu pārārstēšana (otrais seanss)

    85-150 €
  • Additional root canal

    60 €


How does it come from?
To understand how endodontic pathology may appear and develop, you must know a little about dental anatomy (anatomy of the tooth). Firstly, each tooth has a crown and tooth root. Considering the internal structure of the tooth, the tooth is composed of an outer layer – enamels, middle layer – dentin, but inside of each tooth the pulp is located. The root of the tooth is composed of cement, the middle layer consists of the dentin, but inside is located is root canal, on which the pulp coming blood vessels and nerve fibers. Thanks to them, the process of concentration and nerve supply of the tooth.
Dental caries is a major cause of inflammation of the pulp. The destruction of dental hard tissues occurs by reaction of acids and enzymes. The metabolic products of bacteria, resulting in tooth decay seeping into the deeper tissues of the tooth, can cause inflammation of the pulp. The rate of inflammation depends on the depth of caries and protective processes of the human body.
What are the consequences?
Most endodontic pathologies are chronic; they develop slowly and smoothly over a long period of time. In the acute form pathological symptoms are more pronounced, they appear quickly and are growing rapidly, accompanied by pain.
Symptoms can be different depending on the specific clinical situation. The most frequent symptoms appear in response to the thermal irritants – cold or hot food. Pain may be different – the sharp, prolonged or spontaneous.
In pathology, passed into the chronic form, symptoms may vary. The process takes a long time, the sensitivity can appear as a reaction to the pressure – during the compression of the teeth or by palpation (when pressed with your finger on the tooth). In such cases, pronounced pain is usually not observed, but there little discomfort could appear.
How to prevent?
Most of these diseases occur in deep dental caries, as a result of non-compliance or neglecting of the complex advice from your dentist. Poor oral hygiene, a rare visit to the dentist, smoking, alcohol and others factors could make the situation worse. Patients who have any disease, genetic disease, or who are taking medications, have a predisposition to dental caries, and as a result there is a high risk of endodontic disease. Therefore, such patients should be very clear to comply with all rules of hygiene, and should visit the dentist in regular manner.

Principles of work

  • The core principle of LLC Valis is the contact with the patient and mutual trust. It is common known that only harmonious patient-doctor collaboration provides the best results. Therefore, we first create an individual treatment plan for each patient and in the cabinet, first of all, we try to see the person, his or her desires and requirements.
  • Our clinics are located in the centre of Riga and in Ziepniekkalns. Taking care for your convenience, our treatment rooms are modern and elegant. It's easy to get both by a car and public transport. Our patients can park their car next to the clinic free of charge.
  • Starting with the establishment of the first clinic in 1993, we only hire the best specialists who are trying to do their utmost to achieve the best result. We are convinced that the symbol of health and success is a brilliant and healthy smile.