Therapeutic dental treatment is the most common trend in dentistry, the aim of which is to preserve the patient’s teeth healthy and beautiful. Therapeutic Dentistry is addressing not only existing problems of the patient, but also helps to get rid of much more severe consequences. Today, there are a large number of filling materials, the choice of which depends on the size, location and shape of the filling.

Cost of services

Dental Treatment

  • Temporary filling (Dentine)

    10 €
  • Temporary filling (IRM)

    15-25 €
  • Creation of 1 surface - cavity and filling with composite

    52-86 €
  • Creation of 2 surfaces - cavity and filling with composite

    60-91 €
  • Creation of 3 surfaces - cavity and filling with composite

    60-95 €
  • Creation of 4 surfaces - cavity and filling with composite

    68-195 €
  • Aesthetic stopping of a front tooth crown

    150 €
  • Filling polishing (composite) (as a sole manipulation)

    10 €
  • Lining

    10-20 €


How does it come from?

The main problem of vast majority of the patients is the formation of dental caries. Dental caries may occur for many reasons – poor oral hygiene, trauma, medications, erosion, and others. The development of dental caries, as well as its activity depends on various factors; therefore it is necessary to prevent the etiologic factor contributing to the formation of dental caries, and also patient needs good oral hygiene and fluoride intake.
Pathological microorganisms which contribute to the formation of dental caries, after adhering to the surface of the tooth begin to proliferate and form colonies. Propagation of microorganisms depends on the amount of nutrients (carbohydrates and sugar). The point of attachment of bacteria to the tooth surfaces are in remote locations for a toothbrush, for example, between the teeth or on the chewing surfaces of teeth fissures. Microorganisms form colonies penetrate into the inner tissue of the tooth, where they continue to proliferate and form a carious tooth mass.

What are the consequences?

Depending on the factors mentioned above and the elapsed time before a visit to the dentist, the effects may be different. In the early stages, patients may experience discomfort in contact with cold air, but in the later stages already aching under the influence of hypertensive irritants (sweet, salty, sour), thermal irritants (something cold) and mechanical irritants (at the time of the bite). Complaints of the patient may include not only discomfort, but also aesthetic changes – tooth darkens, bright spot appears on the tooth or defect on the surface of the enamel.

How to prevent?

Each of us knows how to take care of the mouth and teeth, but not everyone can comply with all the rules of dental hygiene. How can this be achieved? Be sure to brush your teeth 2 times a day, morning and evening before going to bed (ideally after each meal); use dental floss to clean the spaces between teeth; rinse your mouth slop means containing fluorine.
When a patient comes with complaints of pain, you need to get rid of the etiological factor, remove the carious masses and put the filling.

Principles of work

  • The core principle of LLC Valis is the contact with the patient and mutual trust. It is common known that only harmonious patient-doctor collaboration provides the best results. Therefore, we first create an individual treatment plan for each patient and in the cabinet, first of all, we try to see the person, his or her desires and requirements.
  • Our clinics are located in the centre of Riga and in Ziepniekkalns. Taking care for your convenience, our treatment rooms are modern and elegant. It's easy to get both by a car and public transport. Our patients can park their car next to the clinic free of charge.
  • Starting with the establishment of the first clinic in 1993, we only hire the best specialists who are trying to do their utmost to achieve the best result. We are convinced that the symbol of health and success is a brilliant and healthy smile.