Dental hygiene

The main objectives of dental hygiene is the removal of hard and soft plaque from all tooth surfaces, preventive cleaning of gum pockets and reduction of pathological microflora. Every person is recommended to visit a hygienist at least 2 times a year, if there is any patient periodontal disease, visit the hygienist should be mandatory at least 4 times a year.

Cost of services

Tooth hygiene and periodontology

  • Full mouth dental hygiene

    65-75 €
  • Surfacing with Fluoride Lacquer or Gel (one tooth)

    7 €
  • Coating with sealants (one teeth) dental filling

    10 €
  • Medicamentous gum pocket treatment

    15 €
  • Repeated oral hygiene at the specified time

    55 €


Dental plaque and dental tartar.

Dental plaque is a soft white cluster, which appears from the remnants of food, metabolic products of bacteria and dead microorganisms. As a result of the irregular tooth brushing plaque accumulates begins mineralized and forms a solid education, which is called dental tartar. Plaque does not accumulate on all tooth surfaces, without exception, but only in certain places: along the border of the gums, in the area of ​​the neck of the teeth, in anatomical relief on the chewing surface of the tooth. Some products, such as coffee, sugar, black tea stimulate the accumulation of plaque. Especially plaque is strongly affected by smoking, because nicotine stimulates the development of periodontal disease, which reduces the ability to withstand the excessive amount of gum plaque. Thus under the plaque tooth decay and serious gum disease can develop, for example, gingivitis or periodontitis.

Why do I need to do dental hygiene?

Each of us must be aware of the mandatory rules of daily care for your teeth – brushing your teeth, flossing and rinsing the mouth. Nevertheless, the use of personal oral hygiene does not provide complete access to all tooth surfaces. To get rid of all the problems mentioned above, you need to regularly take care of your teeth at home, but do not forget to visit the dental hygienist at least 2 times a year. It is important to consult with a hygienist to determine the most appropriate means for oral hygiene – toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss.

The procedure of dental hygiene.

Before the procedure of dental hygiene is necessary to make total oral examination, or even a detailed examination, if the patient has complaints or any pathology. The amount of plaque and tartar is assessed during the examination. In the case, if the amount of plaque and tartar is large, the procedure can be divided into several sessions, if the teeth are relatively clean, hygiene can be done in one session.

Principles of work

  • The core principle of LLC Valis is the contact with the patient and mutual trust. It is common known that only harmonious patient-doctor collaboration provides the best results. Therefore, we first create an individual treatment plan for each patient and in the cabinet, first of all, we try to see the person, his or her desires and requirements.
  • Our clinics are located in the centre of Riga and in Ziepniekkalns. Taking care for your convenience, our treatment rooms are modern and elegant. It's easy to get both by a car and public transport. Our patients can park their car next to the clinic free of charge.
  • Starting with the establishment of the first clinic in 1993, we only hire the best specialists who are trying to do their utmost to achieve the best result. We are convinced that the symbol of health and success is a brilliant and healthy smile.